PSA Competitive

The PSA Competitive program is aimed at team development for local league and tournament play.  PSA competitive teams may travel; opportunities outside the state are managed by the club on a team by team basis for each local competitive season.

Registration Fee: $10.00
Program Cost: $1200.00 (2013-2014)

Teams are selected during the fall, typically in September, with commitments made to players for one full year, ending on August 31st of the following year. 
Teams ages 9-12 compete as 907 PSA | Teams ages 13-19 compete as Crossfire Alaska

Competitive players train a minimum of twice weekly with their team and are by default members of the Academy of Sport program. 

Teams participate in the local UAYSL league organization and attend several local tournaments, AK Airlines Cup, Far North tournament and Zane Cup.  Teams are also eligible to travel to US Club and US Youth soccer tournaments. Generally teams are comprised of one age group, but can carry younger participants if appropriate for their development. This program includes all the options provided in the Academy of Sport.

Competitive program cost are annualized, covering all club administrative and facility fees.  Coaching cost are not covered and may be part of individual player team fees. Competitive program cost include all Academy of Sport offerings. 

Club coaches are assigned to teams on an annual basis, based on experience, ability with gender/ age and previous performance.