907 Premiere Soccer Academy


Eligibility: Boys & Girls Ages 2 to 4 years old
Duration: June 8th to July 17th (10 Sessions); 6:00 – 7:00 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays
Location: Rabbit Creek Elementary School (South) & Scenic Park Elementary (East)
Cost:  $55.00 (includes ball and jersey)
Required Equipment: Comfortable attire and soccer shoes or gym shoes (shin guards not required)

The program was created by a licensed United States Soccer Federation instructor (National “C” and “Y” license). Kiddie Soccer specializes in teaching kids between the ages of 2 years to 4 years old…



Eligibility: Boys & Girls Ages 5 to 8 years old
Duration: June 8th to July 17th (12 Sessions); 7:00 -8:30 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays
Location: Rabbit Creek Elementary School (South) & Scenic Park Elementary (East)
Cost:  $110.00 (includes ball and jersey)
Required Equipment: Shorts, shin guards and soccer shoes or gym shoes


  • Provide soccer players, who have aspirations of becoming a more accomplished player, an avenue to test and enhance their skills…


Soccer Training Guides

Skills and Techniques

Learn and improve on your soccer skills with our simple to advanced training tips.There are a number of skills that you want to master in order to be an effective player for your team, whatever soccer position you are playing.

  • Ball Control – controlling the ball with first touch enables a player to be in the position to either dribble, pass or shoot straight away. Another thing to master is the ability to control the ball while being away from your body.
  • Dribbling – another skill to master if you want to be a great soccer player. Dribbling will determine your way to the goal posts. This skill is an amalgam of several other skills combined together like ball control and body coordination. Speed is also helpful.
  • Ball Juggling – the ability to juggle the ball indefinitely is a skill displayed by the soccer’s greatest players. This shows their command over the ball and their feet are the master commander that decides where the ball should go.
  • Defending the Ball – another key skill to get better at and master if you want to score on your soccer games. The defending team will always grab every opportunity they get to steal the ball from you. It’s your job to defend the ball back from the defenders.
soccer training kids


Just like with any sports, soccer has its fundamental aspects to keep in mind and master if you want to make it to the pro level. Your command and ability to master them will decide how well you will do on a real soccer game.

  • Fundamentals – there are many fundamental skills in soccer, both defensive and offensive in nature. What makes the difference between the master players and average ones are the ability to do something extraordinary out of these fundamental skills.
  • Practice Plans – training a soccer team is difficult as each player or position have their specific needs and responsibilities. That means, different players assigned to different soccer positions have different training regimen. Aside from these individual trainings, there’s training the team to play as one.
  • Patterns – while soccer games can become very unpredictable, when viewed at a slow pace, games fell on very particular soccer patterns. The variation comes with the players executing the plan and actions in the field.
soccer strategy


Your body is the key in order to play well in soccer. This will dictate your limits in soccer. To push the boundaries and continually improve, you must train your body to be at its peak. This includes several things to be disciplined at and religiously practice throughout your soccer career.

  • Body Fitness and Health – physical fitness is crucial in any sports. Achieving your body’s peak performance takes a lot of practice and work. It’s a player’s responsibility to train and the coach’s to guide on what should they work on.
  • Mental Focus and Mindset – training your mind should be as important as training your physical body. Keeping up your determination to win even against the toughest opponents requires a lot of focus and a very strong mindset.
  • Speed Training – soccer games are decide at the speed of play. One split second difference can mean the whole difference of winning or losing the game. Train to become the fastest your body can in every soccer skill required of the position your are playing.
Soccer Player Pupils Football Training


Being the team’s striker means a lot. Your teammates rely on you to bring the ball past the opponent’s goalkeeper. You should always be focused and be able to maintain your energy all throughout the game. There are also a lot of striker skills that are only developed through countless hours of practice.

  • Shooting – great strikers have killer shooting skills. They should be able to unleash their finishers even great pressure from the enemies.
  • First Touch Ability – strikers should have excellent ability to receive the ball from passes under any circumstances. They should be able to transition from catching the ball to shooting it in split seconds.
  • Shielding – shielding the ball is a must skill to develop and master for any aspiring strikers. This is crucial when shooting the ball is not the best option available to the striker.
  • Speed – there are times that even weak players can shine as the ace player for the team if they are gifted with speed. As soccer is a game of speed, being one step ahead of your opponents opens endless possibilities.


The midfielders play a big part in all soccer games. They are the bridge between the offensive and defensive players. Being able to control the midfield is one of the key to winning the game. Midfielders should have the ability to see through the opponent’s play and counter on them.
  • Passing – being the “bridge” player that sets the plays of the game, this is a must skill to practice and master.
  • Ball Control – similar to passing, ball control is a fundamental skill you should always focus on training.
  • Dribbling – midfielders with insane dribbling skills are destructive. They can leave the defending team’s defense with a hole.
  • Shooting – great midfield players can also deliver finishing kicks to the enemy’s court.
  • Shielding – a complimentary skill with dribbling. Being able to shield the ball from strikers or defenders can give you a lot of control.
Check the article from Four Four Two here to see the best midfielders in 2018.


The job of the goalkeeper is simple but can be very difficult especially against highly skilled team and strikers. Aside from keeping the ball out of the post, goalkeepers also have the responsibility to set offensive and defensive plays since they have the view no one else have.

  • Communicating – being the “eye” on the field for the team, goalkeeper should be able to communicate well to his/her team.
  • Quick Reflexes – this is a skill that does not come easily. Goalkeepers should practice this skill if they want to keep the other team from scoring.
  • Reading Opponents – this goes hand in hand with the quick reflexes skill. Deciding what to do with what you see can be the deciding factor of whether the striker or forward can score or not.
  • Diving – a fundamental skill to all goalkeepers. Diving should one of the first skill goalkeepers should master.

Being a goalkeeper requires some gear that other soccer positions don’t need, such as the goalkeeper gloves. Knowing the right goalkeeper gloves for your goalkeeper sometimes is a matter of preference and “trial and error”. There are a lot to consider when choosing the gloves such as cuts like roll finger goalkeeper gloves or a negative cut glove. Size can be easy but they vary from company to company. A goalkeeper glove size 7 from Renegade GK might be different from the ones by the bigger goalkeeper gloves brand.


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PSA futsal League starts February.  Click on the link below for more details.

Futsal is the only form of indoor soccer endorsed by FIFA. It is a 5 v 5 small-sided game played on a hard surfaced, basketball sized court with a smaller, heavier low bounce ball. Futsal is played with touchline boundaries and without walls.



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